Practices Area

Our services cover all aspects as required in the establishment and
operation of the company as a legal entity in Indonesia, include
preparing the investment approval application, permit, drafting the
article of association and any legal documents as required relation to
the business of the company.
We advise multinationals, investment funds, private equity funds,
venture capitalists, strategic investors and domestic corporations on all
types of Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) transactions. Our services
include advice on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements,
due diligence, document preparation and relevant implementation
processes (including liaising with Notaries and Government Agencies).

We advise on all aspects of Indonesia’s Investment Law to ensure that
prospective investors obtain the maximum benefit offered by the Law,
garnering a full understanding of the correlation with other regulatory
requirements of starting a business in Indonesia. BSSW also assists in
formulating the required documentations and thinking through possible
alternatives to direct foreign investment.

The advice is including any permit aspect, mining cooperation,
consultancy relating to mining operational include any matters as
needed in mining business (coal, nickel, oil and gas). We also provide
to assist the client regarding to any work contract and/or compliance of
tender procedure.

In the field of industrial relation/labour and Immigration, we advise related
applications for stay and working permits for foreign workers, drafting the
employment contracts, administration and practices, working conditions and
severance legislations, union relationships and collective bargaining
agreements, secondment and contract labor arrangements, retrenchment
negotiations and separation agreements, pension funds, social security
arrangements, and labor disputes. In terms of labor disputes, our services
include representing clients when required before the relevant Industrial
Relations Court.

We advise on the registration, protection and enforcement of trademarks,
patents and copyrights, industrial designs and on all aspects of franchising
arrangements in Indonesia. We also advise on the negotiation and drafting
of the relevant documents and agreements, applications for registration,
assignment, and public announcements, both for international and
Indonesian clients.

We help client companies for consulting services landright purposes of
factories, plantation, offices, residential / apartment or housing for the
benefit of the sale, purchase, rental, mortgage.

We also provide legal services accompanying and representing clients in
resolving business disputes through National and International Arbitration.

We provide special services to the retainer client include the work as
 Providing legal opinion to all legal issues related to client activity;
 Providing an overview of the draft agreement / contract;
 Assisting clients in meeting / conference with third parties;
 Carrying out the work, resolution of legal issues that are specifically
assigned to the client;

Individual client and companies client can contact us to request assistance
for the settlement of Criminal, Civil, Administrative, Dispute Election, Mal
Practice of Medicine, Banking Dispute, Consumer Dispute, Agrarian Dispute,
Bankruptcy and Suspension of Obligation for Payment of Debts.